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Dead But Not Yet Buried

I found this article while trying to locate reviews of the latest M. Night Shyamalan movie, After Earth, that didn't originate from an English speaking source.I thought the argument was quite interesting, so, with the aid of an online translator and my own efforts to clean up the text (hopefully not losing too much of the article's original intent), I'm re-posting it here.The article was interesting to me because it seems to suggests that outside of the Anglophone blogosphere there are others who find something genuinely quite unsettling about the way English-language journalists are approaching Shyamalan's work, or more appropriately, approaching Shyamalan the filmmaker.The legitimate fury that the writer/director has inspired has long since gone beyond constructive criticism; it's no longer about evaluating the work with as much reverence and respect as you might afford the work of an another human being, but an effort to actively (and gleefully) destroy Shyamala…

Catch Us If You Can

Quotes from John Boorman on the making of a film Plus some additional notes of my own "The first Beatles film had come out and was a big success.Nat Cohen [Anglo-Amalgamated Films] leapt on the bandwagon and sold Warner Brothers on doing a film with the Dave Clark Five.He got a price from Warners for the States that would more than cover the budget, and the rest of the world was his.Would I be interested in making it?David [Deutsch, producer] said that to have a feature under my belt would help me to get the Glastonbury film made. The real lure was that I would have carte blanche.As long as Dave and the band were in it, I could make whatever film I wanted.Since the film was already in profit, in a sense, Nat didn't care what the picture was like as long as it cost less than Warners were paying for it.But it had to be done right away, to be shot before the band's next American tour."(p111) "I was still unsure.Could I devise a story that would fit?I decided to enlist…

Boorman on Boorman

A few months ago, I posted a recommendation of the film director John Boorman's excellent memoir, Adventures of a Suburban Boy (Faber and Faber, 2003), in which I considered the idea of one day offering a loose commentary on Boorman's work using quotes from the man himself.This will be in lieu of an actual blog 'retrospective' - something I once deliberated - but nonetheless still intended to add to the critical discussion of Boorman's work, which at present seems non-existent.The 'series' will begin in a few days with some quotes on the making of a film that Boorman himself has largely rejected, but which for me ranks as one of the greatest British films of the 1960s, Catch Us If You Can (1965).

Earlier this year, I referred to the film as "a 'road movie', but a road movie punctuated by Boorman's typically surreal lyricism", before further defining it as "a formless narrative full of car chases and fancy dress sequences, underscor…