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A Year in Film (Part Three)

A Viewing List for Twenty-Thirteen

Third part of my on-going "Year in Film" retrospective.It's taken much longer to complete than anticipated, largely because most of the films collected here had already been written about in various "Key Film" comments posted at different intervals between July and October of the previous year.As such, the real difficulty was in editing these earlier comments into something more approachable and coherent withoutlosing the original context of what I was trying to say.There was also the general cynicism attached to re-posting comments that already existed and how this, in itself, seemed a pointless waste of time for anyone willing to spend even a few short moments browsing through the pages of the blog.However, in the end I couldn't think of any other way to acknowledge these particular films as part of the same chronological structure without regurgitating these past observations and remarks.This is perhaps the greatest draw…

A Year in Film (Part Two)

A Viewing List for Twenty-Thirteen

As promised, the second part of my no doubt interminably dull but still very much obligatory "year in film" retrospective.This time, the list in question includes films that I first saw (or returned to) between mid March and early June, 2013.Once again, plagiarisms of my various "Key Film" comments will follow to some extent, but I'm also using the opportunity to clean them up a little bit; to correct some of the typographical errors (while no doubt adding a few new ones in the process).It's somewhat regrettable that this update has taken so long to complete.Initially, I'd hoped to have the whole thing done and dusted by the end of January, but it now seems more realistic to expect the third and fourth parts to be completed by early to mid February instead.There is a genuine reason for this delay that goes beyond just regular laziness, but I'll go into this in more detail at a later date.
For the titles that I hadn&#…