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Lumière and Company #2

Film by Film [Hypothesis Cont'd]

Lumière and Company [John Boorman, 1995]:
Soldiers on parade.An image from the past - the actuality as documentary - as if some unknown cameraman had just happened to be on-hand to record footage of the Easter Rising of 1916.Suddenly a man in contemporary clothing walks through the perimeter of the frame.He carries film equipment; lights and cables.The illusion of the past is suddenly shattered.This is not the reality, but a re-enactment.Not a moment of actual historical interest, but a gesture, to the past from the present.Just as these modern-day actors and extras are playing the part of historical figures, Boorman, the contemporary filmmaker, is playing the part of the pioneer.His film, in its very construction, is likewise a gesture to the past from the present.Like the film by Vicente Aranda, Boorman's short is an observation of a working film-set; in this instance, Neil Jordan's production of Michael Collins (1996).Again, one thinks of …